5 beers everyone should try and why – as voted by you

Top 5 beers everyone should try

Try these on your next get-together or grab them if they are available at a store near you.

·        We asked the Hungerpacks readers and followers
on their recommendations for the top 5 beers, everyone should try. 

·        The list includes some absolutely fresh and some
reining beers that people have voted for manufactured natively in India and you should try.

·        Many of these beers are available pan India and can be chugged at a store or pub
near you.

We all have our signature picks when it comes to getting our happy highs. But every now and then, we look for something fresh. And when fresh turns out to be amazing, it feels all worth it. To help you on your journey to explore some of the top-rated beers in the country, we went back to our readers and got you a comprehensive list of beers and meads you must try. Trust us, these beers hit some knockout punches. We combined the information from a poll on Instagram and some of our staff picks to build this enviable list of 5 beers that everyone should try. 

  1. Moonshine Meadery –

Also ranked in the top startups keeping the Indian liquor game in high spirits in the year 2020, this company is becoming unstoppable with the variants and innovation that it is bringing in for its customers. You must note that Moonshine is not in the business of brewing traditional beers but manufacturing meads #meadisnotbeer. It, in fact, is getting the oldest fermented beverages known to man-made with fermenting Honey with spices. It is made Meads have been introduced to India as a fun beverage by 2 inquisitive history buffs (Rohan and Nitin) who wanted to make a sustainable drink for the world. 

Moonshine Meadery Hungerpacks

Moonshine is smooth, it’s fun and comes in a range of flavours. You can find these meads around Maharashtra and Goa currently while the company plans to expand its base to other cities in the country. 

2. Bro Code 

The Bro Code beer has captured the audience with popular culture’s biggest catchphrase: the bro code, while also building on it with higher alcohol content than usual. Bro Code was launched by Indospirit Beverages as first their in-house beer in late 2018 and since has become massively popular since.  

Bro code beer hungerpacks

Bro Code beer is known to have high alcohol content and hence it helps to enhance the buzz. The Bro Code beer also comes in a variety of options. These include Bro Code 10, Bro Code 15, Bro Code Club Soda, etc. Bro Code 15 has 15 % alcohol and tops the charts in alcohol content in the country. 

3. Goa Brewing Co. 

When it comes to the land of sun and sand, one of the best beer offerings coming out of the state always comes to our mind. Goa Brewing Co. stands out from the rest and with a sleek packaging and smooth brews are one of the top favourites of our readers. The Eight Finger Eddie is crowd favourite wherever we go and always grabs eyeballs and tastebuds alike. 

Goa brewing co. hungerpacks

Recently, Goa brewing co. mixed their Breakfast cereal stout with Sleepy Owl Coffee’s Hazelnut  Coffee and this one is touted to be a gamechanger. Comment below if you could get your hands on to this one. 

4. Maka di 

Derived from the Konkani term “Maka di” meaning “give me”, the brand echoes the eternal call of the new generation of beer lovers who are looking for beers that are soaked in creativity, sustainability and purpose. 

Maka di Hungerpacks

Maka di ranks amongst the top beers as our readers and staff favourite and is also one beer where most variants are competitively good when it comes to taste. The company is based out of Goa with founders Aditya and Anish committed to making world-class beers in India 

5. Bee Young  

Bee Young is truly taking Indian brews to the world. With just a few years into the business, India’s first craft brew is slated to take on the world. Bee Young comes from the house of Kimaya Himalayan which also manufactures Yavira. Bee Young is a strong craft lager (at an alcohol per cent of 7.2), Yavira is a rice beer (with 6.8 per cent alcohol). 

Bee young Hungerpacks

The brand is currently available in UP, Delhi NCR, Punjab and Uttarakhand in India and in Hong Kong and Singapore internationally. It is slated to soon launch in Australia, another beer-loving nation. 

With this comprehensive list of favourite brews from our readers and staff, we are sure you might want to give some of them an immediate try. Do share your thoughts and pictures below and you could win yourself a handsome brew pack pretty soon. Let’s go chugging!