5 Healthy Snacks for your next binge-watching marathon!

We all know the only reason you have subtitles on is because you can’t hear anything over the chewing of your chips. Well, we’ve compiled the perfect list of healthy snacks for your next binge-watching session!



Too Yumm

Their tag-line says it all! Enjoy fikar (worry) free snacking! These baked chips are full of flavour and crunch, you won’t feel like a single thing has changed when you’re eating packet after packet!



Think of having your own little bowl of dessert for every episode. With an array of flavours and with each helping being the perfect size, you cannot go wrong with Epigamia’s yoghurt!



Zero oil baked snacks – that will be sure to make the tension filled part of all your shows a lot healthier than packaged, oily chips!



Wingreens Hummus

You can’t have chips without something to dip them in! If you decide to eat chips, you may as well have a healthy dip. With just the right flavour options for every genre on offer, it’s definitely worth the dip!


Divinutty Makhana

They’re light, flavourful and just irresistible. You won’t be able to put them down, and because the packets are slightly larger – you’ll be able to ease your way through one!


Tell us about your favourite binge-watching snacks below!