5 startups keeping the Indian liquor game in high spirits!

Drink because you are happy. Drink because it feels out of the world. 

India’s craft beer and mead brands are brewing up a storm in the Indian market and showing the potential of being a hit globally. With local being the new norm set by the government of India, and multiple restrictions being imposed on the imported liquor brands including the likes of Pernord Ricard and Bacardi, the Indian brands are sure to thrive. 

Today, in our ‘Vocal for Local’ edits, we bring to you 5 Indian startups that are changing the alcobev game in the world with their offerings and innovation.

1. Bira – A refreshing and quirky beer brand, Bira has become a synonym for creativity and refreshment amongst the millennials. With the aim to disrupt the global market with an essential craft beer portfolio made from wheat, barley and hops, Bira has understood the market well and with their varied offerings have created something for all kinds of drinkers. While Bira Light is said to be the lowest calorie option for any alcoholic beverage,Bira 91 Strong is the first strong wheat-based beer. 

Established in 2015 in New Delhi by Ankur Jain, Bira has been growing stupendously over the years and is one of the most promising Indian liquor brands which has only one aim i.e. to change the world of beer drinking with innovation, quality and taste.

2. Simba- Crafted by beer lovers who value authenticity and quality over everything else, beers at Simba are made in small batches using finely crafted recipes. Not only does this practise help them pay enough attention to the recipe of each beer but also helps maintain strict quality checks to produce supreme quality beer.

The brainchild of Prabhtej Singh Bhatia (Founder, CEO of Simba Brewery), the craft beer company offers 4 different beers namely Wit, Stout, Light and Strong which are made using natural ingredients like barley, oats, espresso and cacao. Started in 2016, Simba already has a great consumer base and is spread in almost 200+ locations in India which are expected to rise even further due to their experimental nature and great quality.

3. White Owl-. The complete absence of craft beer in India a few years back compelled Javed Murad to set up his own brewery called White Owl. Due to the vibrant and incredibly large user base, White owl currently offers variants like Spark, Ace, Diablo and has recently launched Spike, a strong beer variant for an even diverse portfolio. Spike is currently available in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. 

Started in 2013, Javed ensures premium craft beer for all its consumers by using imported grains and neutered water as it’s prime ingredients. Currently brewing in Bhopal and Hassan, the brewery is highly competitive and innovative at the same time. With the aim to capture the market, Javed is quite determined that White Owl is set to expand further and then there will be no looking back.

4. Moonshine Meadery –  Talk about novelty and this brand went back decades to bring one of the oldest fermented beverages known to man, meads have been re-introduced to India as a fun beverage by 2 inquisitive history buffs (Rohan and Nitin) who wanted to make a sustainable drink for the world. 

One of the fastest-growing fermented beverages in the world, meads uses fruits, spices and honey with a bit of experimentation as its basic ingredients.  While Moonshine Offers their flagship series containing 3 variants, they have also set up Asia’s first mead lab which handcrafts, gluten-free meads by combining new ingredients with each other. Currently selling in over 250 stores and restaurants in Mumbai and Pune, Moonshine Meadery is eyeing other big markets in India owing to the potential of the craft beverage and its success in present markets. What are you waiting for, order now 

Goa Brewing Co- Suraj Shenai (Founder and CEO) left his corporate job to pursue his dream which led to the birth of The Goa Brewing Co. Realising that the products made by massive breweries in India were often compromised and had not much variety in flavours. Goa brewing Co. breaks the traditional approach by being open to ingredients from any part of the globe and making authentic brews that match no other. 

Started in 2018, Goa Brewing Co is a young homegrown craft brewery which finds great pride in their product and offerings which are world-class. Whether it be making sure all produced beer is freshly packaged or transported immediately, Goa Brewing Co is very peculiar about their quality and not quantity.  Delivering brews in Bangalore and Bombay now, the brewing company has started an initiative of donation of non-conformist hand sanitizers in Goa to help fight the situation of pandemic there as well. 

We have all seen the love Indian’s have for their brews which were on full display the moment the liquor shops opened up after the lockdown. Looking at this, companies like White Owl and Bira started home delivery in many cities for their customers. 

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