Experience Nilgiris, Amrut’s refreshing new craft gin

Amrut Distilleries launched their first gin with pan and tea notes giving it the name and a homage to the Nilgiris.
Nilgiris Gin

Amrut has long been considered the finest single malt in the country and has ranked as the best in the world several times. Recently the parent company of Amrut, Amrut Distilleries, launched their first gin with pan and tea notes giving it the name and a homage to the Nilgiris.

The luxurious taste of Nilgiris

This Indian dry gin is a bouquet of 10 botanicals from the hills of Karnataka. Think of a floral palate-cleansing mouth feel of paan leaves and lemongrass with a touch of spicy under notes of coriander, cinnamon mace and nutmeg. Mix them with the herbal bouquet juniper berries, orris root with angelica and a surprise twist of brewed tea. When these hit up with the perfect amount of alcohol it gives out a heavenly and luxurious taste.

Nilgiris Gin

This is basically the first foray by Amrut distilleries into the world of botanical based crafted gins. With their long-standing reputation and good wealth in the world of single malt, this is the brand’s latest addition to fine the list of fine Indian spirits with a fine Indian taste.

The Legacy of Amrut

Amrut single malt whisky manufactured by Amrut distilleries. It is also the second single malt whisky to be made in India (the first being Solan no.1).

Amrut or Amrita is basically a Sanskrit word which is further translated as ‘nectar of the gods’ which gives a person heavenly vibes.

The brand hit the top list and got famous after whisky connoisseur Jim Murrey give it a rating of 82 out of 100 in 2005 and 2010.

In 2010 the Amrut single malt whisky brand graft the position of 3rd best whisky in the world.

Now available in Karnataka!

Nilgiris is priced at Rs 2,464 for a 750ml bottle in Karnataka and will be available in major metros over the course of this year. Its entry into the craft gin segment is a sign of a growing trend, says Vikram Achanta, co-founder and CEO of drinks training and consulting firm Tulleeho.

With the Amrut Nilgiris Indian Dry Gin, the shelf of Indian gins has become yet more varied and here’s looking forward to chapter two of the gin renaissance in 2021.

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