Beat Coronavirus with these 5 immunity boosting foods.

Prevention is better when there is no cure. With coronavirus being declared as a pandemic by WHO, it is being suggested that social distancing, excellent hygiene and getting yourself checked in case of symptoms are only ways to prevent yourself from the disease. But what if we are already in the middle of a massive outbreak?

It is your body’s immunity too that can prevent you from becoming a victim to COVID-19, the Novel Coronavirus. And as they say, let food be thy medicine. We have curated 5 immunity-boosting food items for you that you should stock up immediately in your homes.

  1. Dried Cranberries – Cranberries are stuffed with loads of antioxidants that help heal your immunity system quickly and helps in boosting its function. Tip – Pick up the dried cranberries that have no added sugar and preservatives. Some of the best dried cranberry packets you can get your hands on are Rostaa and Nutty Gritties.  
  2. Yoghurt – Imununity is directly linked with your gut health. And there is nothing that helps build the good bacteria in your stomach as well as our good old Dahi or yoghurt. Tip – Do check for the probiotics contents in the pack of yoghurt to pick the one that is most effective. Here are some of the best ones -The complete range of  Epigamia and Nestle A+.
  3. Green Tea and Coffee – You may be aware of the benefits of green tea. But trust us, green coffee is even more potent. It has the highest amount of antioxidants and is super light on your stomach as well. Try out the Saffola Fittify Green coffee and let us know what you think here. 
  4. Poultry – Chicken soup and that spicy chicken curry feel great when you catch the flu. That is because they help in speedy recovery. Poultry is also helpful in the prevention of flu-like coronavirus. Get some fresh chicken and seafood (also very helpful) delivered to you from
  5. Dark Chocolate – Am sure this made you jump with joy! Dark chocolate has a high density of antioxidants that can help you build a solid immunity during the flu season. Try out the all-time favourite Bournville dark chocolate this season.

So, the next time you are ordering grocery or stepping out to get some, make sure you have these 5 immunity building foods in your cart and beat the coronavirus together.

During these difficult times, do share what problems you are facing and we will try and help you with it.

Let’s fight this together!