Dabur introduces ‘Vedic Suraksha Tea’ to boost immunity

FMCG giants like Dabur are now all set with capturing the new industry of immunity boosters with new and different offerings
ayurvedic tea

A human body’s immunity does not respond well to stressful stimuli. In the present scenario, the duo of Coronavirus and changing weather has put our immunity levels on a state of constant alert and threatens to make us fall sick quicker. With Immunity becoming a matter of concern for everyone, Dabur has come up with a product that’s ubiquitous across India – tea. But, it’s not simple tea but called “Dabur Vedic Suraksha Tea”.

It contains the goodness of 5 ayurvedic herbs which help boost immunity:

1. Holy basil– helps relieve stress antioxidant action

2. Black Pepper – immune modulator helps relieve congestion

3. Cinnamon – good for metabolism

4. Raisins – good for heart health

5. Ginger – good for respiratory and brain health

And yes, it’s available in Green Tea and Black Tea variants too. Click here to watch the glimpse of the “Dabur Vedic Suraksha Tea”.

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As per The Hindu Business Line report in August, Dabur had rolled out over 40 products since the pandemic broke out this year and “Most of them were immunity-boosting products or hygiene products such as sanitisers that were linked to customer needs during the pandemic.” Recently, the company forayed into the edible oil market and introduced cold-pressed mustard oil.

Not only this other Companies like Marico has also entered the Immunity Builder industry with Saffola ImmuniVeda ‘s Saffola Kadha mix and Saffola turmeric milk mix to boost immunity making the industry a huge growth prospect all over India. Catch the whole story here

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