Marico enters the Immunity Builder industry with Saffola ImmuniVeda

With anxious shoppers have taken to sanitizers, home cleaning products, vegetable washes, and anti-bacterial soaps due to growing concerns about health and safety, can immunity boosters become next big market for FMCG companies?
Ayurveda to boost Immunity

FMCG companies, especially those selling packaged foods, have seen a significant surge in demand as in-home consumption has zoomed following the lockdown. While demand for immunity boosting foods, mixes and beverages with herbal and Ayurvedic ingredients has been on an upswing, the government’s guidelines advising people to consume turmeric milk, chyawanprash, giloy powder in addition with Narendra Modi’s speech declaring September as nutrition month has accelerated the need to cater to this new industry

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With sales of immunity boosters going over the roof, Marico Ltd on 16th September launched Saffola ImmuniVeda under its Saffola brand as the pandemic piques consumer interest in items with natural ingredients which will be available across modern trade outlets, Saffola Stores and e-commerce platforms. With Saffola ImmuniVeda’s Saffola Kadha mix and Saffola turmeric milk mix, they have become the newest additions to the flagship cooking oil brand which also sells packaged oats, honey and gourmet foods. Click to check out our recommended health foods

Across companies like ITC, Hindustan Unilever Ltd, CavinKare, Dabur, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd and Marico innovation pipeline in the category which takes care of health and hygiene has held begun. The launch of Veggie Clean and a range of surface disinfectant sprays and Saffola Honey are a clear indication towards this direction.

However, all of these products launched by various companies claiming to be immunity boosters are only recommended as wellness foods and not as a remedy or cure for any illness, especially not COVID. Since Safety and immunity will remain embedded in consumer behaviour for a long time, according to Nielsen, it will be great to see what new innovations are yet to come from the FMCG world.

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