Tasty food can be healthy too. Here’s proof

Packaged snacks often receive an unfair stamp of being unhealthy. There are several who are quite good for health, if we only take the effort to look beyond the obvious ones. Peanuts, lotus seeds, dosa mix, yoghurt and dried berries are my favourites. What are yours?

What are the first things that come to your mind when you think of eating food straight from a packet. For me, they are potato chips, cold beverages, candies and chocolate bars, cakes and muffins and ofcourse super-delicious ice-creams. No wonder, these are all those things which make my most loved relations keep a track on my jogging time, propagate the need for swimming and ensure that my daily dose of eggs is boiled and never fried. And then consumed sans my favourite part- the yolk.

Possessive on peanuts

A packet of roasted or shallow fried peanuts have been hiding in plain sight all this while. These nuts are packed with healthy unsaturated fat, which helps lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and reduce inflammation. This reduces risk of heart disease. They also contain fibre and potassium, both of which boost heart health.

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A mouthful of makhana

Often used for garnishing in Indian desserts, makhana can be savoured as an evening tea-time snack as well. Since I consume tea at frequent intervals, the concept of having makhana in the ‘evening’ does not hold true for me. Makhana is a wonder snack, and is actually lotus seeds. It is gluten-free, brims with folate that aids in DNA synthesis and cell division and hence ideal for pregnant women, contains minimal cholesterol and fat with low glycemic index, making me feel full and satisfied for long hours. Makhanas are slightly roasted to give it aroma and added salt for taste. To make it more spicy, you can easily add other spice mixes, as per choice.

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Delicious dosa

For quick and easy healthy breakfast, packaged dosa mixes are readily available in any supermarket or local grocery stores. It takes away the high preparation time in creating the batter from scratch without compromising on health and taste. Dosa is a traditional South-Indian delicacy made from rice flour and lentils; it is light on the stomach and is a good source of protein and carbohydrates to make you feel energetic for the day ahead. It is also very low on calories and is a treat for your taste buds. It is generally consumed with few condiments for a flavour punch. These are my new hot favourites as an ideal alternative to bread and egg whites.

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Binge on blueberries

I started supplementing my craving for sweets with berries; blueberries topping my chart. Eat straight-out-of-the-bag snack, berries are high in antioxidants like anthocyanins, which can protect your cells from free radical damage. They also contain fiber that increases feelings of fullness, as well as reduces appetite and the number of calories your body absorbs from mixed meals. Berries are low in calories yet rich in several vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C and manganese. However, since they are dried, they are higher in sugar and have a higher glycemic index compared to that of fresh berries. For this reason, dried berries should only be eaten in small amounts, preferably along with other nutritious foods.

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Yummy yoghurt

A must-have to control weight is to consume yoghurt or ‘dahi’ after lunch. Yoghurt is a rich source of calcium that protects bones. It is a great immune system booster and prevents gastrointestinal diseases. Daily dose of yoghurt helps burn fat and promotes weight loss. You can even jazz up your salad with yoghurt dressing and whip it up with few spices and serve as dipping sauce for healthy snacks.

After swamping my regular high calorie, high-fat snacks with these nutrition-packed ones, life hasn’t been bad at all. If you think that I don’t miss my potato chips and ice cream on the go, then you are mistaken. But I realised that while taste is important to our buds, health is even more essential for physical and mental upkeep. Choosing these snack items have been really helpful to come to a middle ground where I do not have to compromise on taste for health’s sake. 

If you more such packaged food that are a unique mix of taste and health, then please write to us at alisha@hungerpacks.com.

Anushri loves all-things unique when it comes to food. She loves experimenting with new flavours and ingredients to add innovation to Indian curries. She is a professional content manager and communications specialist and is an aspirational digital marketer.