The 90s kids hopped, skipped and jumped on these foods

As we move on with new-age snacks and toffees, have we forgotten the taste of older ones, that sparked many a conversation and helped us bond with our best friends.
food from 90s

While we encourage everyone around us to live in the past and let bygones be bygones, is it always a good thing to do so? They say that living in the past hinders our moments of present but to be honest, don’t we all try to make our present moments memorable so that we can look back to this day with fondness and charm? For those in the early and mid-thirties now would gleefully remember their school and college years spent among making friends on orkut, saving data on floppy disks, cleaning dust from cassette reels and spending their pocket money to buy the next Hallmark cards.

As we are trying our best to adapt to the new normal, the team at Hungerpacks decided to spend a day commemorating those sweet and tangy little things that most 90s kids will associate with many memorable times. Among them, these seven reigned supreme.

Crunchy chocolate-y perk

The chocolate coated wafer was an instant hit among kids and young adults. Those foreign returned well-travelled neighbours often brought back similar chocolates as testaments of their gala adventure unthought-of within the subcontinent. Well, Cadbury Perk had to make them rethink of innovative goods that they could bring back to wow others.

Why not grab a quick bite of Perk

Addictive tangy Fatafat 

The sweet outside and sour inside Fatafat pills always brought a smile in between classes that put most students to slumber. Passed from the back bench to the front, these pills have made teachers smell ‘other things going on’ in their class than just their important lectures.

Taste the tang of Fatafat

When Wakefield’s custard was a weekend delicacy

Among lemon tarts, cheesecakes muffins and Tiramisus, the simple vanilla custard powder brought to us by Wakefield has somewhere been lost to nostalgia. Mothers served it chilled with fresh seasonal fruits with jelly on top as a hearty dessert after a Sunday early dinner.

Something sweet during school rides

How can one forget those caramel coated stick-in-your-teeth Alpeliebe toffees that often left its aftertaste in your mouth hours after you had it on your bus ride back from school. Well, though it caused tooth aches to many due to its sticky texture yet was one of the tastiest toffees of the generation that would never utter a No from anyone when offered.

Here’s to let you enjoy your Alpeliebe that you have been missing for so long.

Boomer bubblegums for the cool dude

It was Boom Boom Boomer that taught us the power of bubblegums. They were meant to be chewed well and made into bubbles just by using one’s tongue. Besides being a cool gum, it made many perform consistent gum exercises only to look cooler while creating bubbles.

Buy your bubblegum to be cool like your golden days.

Welcome home to a glass of Roohafza

Though still found in few homes, the sweet and fragrant Roohafza sherbet have lost its celebrity status. This versatile syrup was a welcome drink for guests during a sultry summer day or a favourful add-on to street-sides kulfi-faludas. Sold in glass bottles that were often converted to store drinking water later, one could smell the rosy aroma while drinking water for months later.

To get that same refreshing taste, buy your bottle of Roohafza without further ado.

Couldn’t do without Polo

The mint with a hole, Polo candies was a must have for young college goers who tried beer for the first time. The refreshing candy was a pocket friendly must-have after a heavy meal or when you forgot to carry your toothbrush on a night-out at your bestie’s house.

Get your Polo now!

As times keep rolling, the supermarket gets filled with new and interesting products. Our gaze turns to those funky packets and recently released snacks. But do we forget the old ones? They probably stop being a part of our daily lives but always remain fresh in our memories as an important ingredient and a witness to our lives’ stories.

If you can think of more such packaged food items that you feel nostalgic about, why don’t you write to us as