Top 5 healthy juices you must add to your diet.

Top 5 healthy juice brands that are helping people live a healthy life and build a good immune system during the covid-19 pandemic
Healthy juice alternatives
Top 5 brands of Healthy juices

When we talk about healthy juices, the first thing that comes to our mind is the fresh juices from fruits like orange, apple and pineapple.   

But the same juices when packaged often tend to compromise on the health promise that juices come with the addition of additives and preservatives. 

You might have noticed that many brands manufacture juices with a promise of health.  But as a consumer how can you choose your juices while keeping the nutrition and health quotient intact?  

How to find healthier juice alternatives?

Let’s try this with a small exercise.  If you turn over your favorite brand of Apple juice to inspect the label, you might be surprised to find out that along with added vitamins and minerals they are also loaded with a sky-high sugar count, artificial sweeteners and sodium as well. All of these ingredients have no place in a healthy juice and an excess of them will do more harm than good for your body.  

Let’s see it this way; when you eat one apple you are just eating one apple but when you drink one glass of Apple juice, you are drinking added sugar equal to 4 to 6 apples which is not even natural.  

The question then is, how do we choose the right juice packet for our daily dose of nutrition and immunity, especially when having healthy juices during the covid-19 pandemic might not always be a good idea?  

We at Hungerpacks have simplified it for you and we are bringing you the top 5 global health fruit juice brands that you can have without any harmful effects.  

1). B natural

When looking for authentic and nutrition, turn to B natural fruit beverages made with 100% Indian fruits and 0% concentrate. B natural comes from the house of  ITC Limited and boasts of a range crafted from Indian fruits sourced through local Indian farmers, from all across the country. B Natural’s newest immunity range, B Natural + consist of clinically proven ingredient, the green coffee extract to help people build immunity. This variant is created in collaboration with Amway and is a step in the right direction to help people fight the war against COVID-19. 

As recommended by leading health organization that if you consume the guava juice 3 days a week, it improves your immunity towards cough and cold.

Ingredient Information –

Per 8FL Oz: 180 calories

0.10 grams: fat

1.5 mg: sodium

38 grams: carbs

0 gram: fiber

20 grams: sugar 

4 grams: protein

2). Tropicana pure premium

No matter what day month or here it is or how old you are your system could use an energy boost. 

According to a leading health organization it is recommended that this juice can be consumed at one serving per day you don’t overdo it on the zinc ( as for the NIOS office of dietary supplements ingesting too much drink can cause GI distress and lower level of good cholesterol). 

Tropicana India was launched in 2004 by Pepsico which offers 100% Juices and juice-based drinks. Tropicana selects the best fruit to manufacture high-quality juices and original products, pioneer innovative processes and explore new markets for its products.

Ingredient information

Per 8 FL Oz: 110 calories 

0 grams: fat 

0 mg: sodium 

26 grams: carbs 

0 grams: fiber  

22 grams: sugar 

2 grams : protein 

3). Bolthouse farms 100% organic carrot juice  

Opting a vegetable juice other than a fruit juice is always a good way to quickly find a product lower in sugar than other options. As recommended by leading health organizations-that the more vegetable based a juice is the lower in sugar it’s likely to be. The bolthouse farms organic carrot juice is on the list of a lot of the dietitians. 

Bolthouse farms was founded in 1915 in Grant Michigan, by the Bolthouse family and today is owned by the Campbell Soup Company. 

Ingredient information:

Per 8 FL Oz: 70 calories 

0 grams: fat 

150 mg: sodium 

15 grams: carbs 

1 gram: fiber 

13 gram: sugar 

2 grams: protein 

4). Beat It – James White Drinks  

Beat It – James White Drinks was founded in 1989 in UK (United Nations) London. The parent company is James White Drinks itself. 

If you haven’t heard about this brand then you are probably not an athlete. As the leading health organization recommends beet juice provides your body with a source of nitrates that are covered in your body to nitric acid quickly bringing the oxygen to your muscles. 

Beat It is 90% beet juice and 10% apple juice with no added artificial sweeteners. So it is a good choice for the athletes wanting to improve their speed and endurance. ​

Ingredient Information:

​Per 8 FL Oz: 100 calories 

0 gram: fat 

30 mg: sodium 

23 grams: carbs 

1 gram: fiber 

19 grams: sugar 

3 grams: protein 

5). Raw Pressery 

It is a cold-pressed juice company marketed under the parent company Rakyan Beverages Pvt. Ltd. based in Mumbai, India. It was found by Anuj Rakyan in 2013. They produce smoothies, cold-pressed juice, soups and flavoured nut milks. Raw Pressery claims to be first Indian cold-pressed juice brand. 

The juices from raw pressery are filling and nutritious along with very good flavours. They have great knowledge of including the healthy ingredients together and giving it a good taste.

As recommended by leading health organizations adding these in your diet can be a good kick start for your immune system. Also there are good benefits of coconut water for your body as it have antioxidant properties and can help preventing kidney stones.

Ingredient Information

Per 8FL Oz: 80 calories

0.10 gram: fat 

0.8 gram: sodium

30 grams: carbs

15.5 grams: fiber

9 grams: sugar

18grams: protein  

Listed above are the top 5 healthy juice brands which are low in sugar and a great way to lead a healthy life with good immune system which is more than anything needed during this covid-19 pandemic situation.

So which juice brands do you use in your day-to-day life? Do tell us in the comments section below.